Support by german population for legalisation of Cannabis is rising

The support for the legalisation of cannabis in the german population is rising. Last year the German Hemp Association (“Deutscher Hanfverband”) got a result of 30% pro-legalisation, now the weekly Newspaper “Stern” even determined a support of 37%. German public is more and more realising that prohibition of cannabis has failed and should come to an end rather sooner, than later.

In the last years the “Stern” has allready done two seperate surveys about legalisation of cannabis, same as the German Hemp Association (“Deutscher Hanfverband”). Comparing the surveys of the last 5 years, we can notice a clear direction upwards. Allthough the questions and possible answers are not the same in all studys, the tendency is quite obvious. Here a list of the last results by representative surveys in Germany:


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