Petition for legalization of cannabis in Germany succeeds: 83.156 signatures

On November 27th the German Cannabis Association handed over 46.507 signatures on paper to Mrs. Steinke, the current president of the petition committee in the German Bundestag. There are more than 36.000 online signatures in addition to the 46.507 on paper. It all adds up to a total number of 83.156 signatures.

For the first time in the history of Germany an official petition for the legalization of recreational cannabis reached the quorum of 50.000 signatures. Due to that the German Cannabis Association forces the petition committee to have a debate in the German Bundestag.

The petitioner and CEO of the German Cannabis Association Georg Wurth hopes to intensify the already existing debate:
“Legalization creates fiscal revenue, youth protection and jobs. The cannabis prohibition on the other hand creates a shadow economy with partially structures of organized crime. Every politician who promotes the prohibition should be aware of that!”

The petition is not only the strongest petition for legalization of cannabis in German history, but also the most successfull petition of the year 2017 in Germany at all. A major success and a good milestone for the German Cannabis Association.


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