German Hemp Association welcomes the announcement by the federal government to set up a cannabis agency in Germany

  • Veröffentlicht am: 1. November 2015 - 14:53
  • Von: Maximilian Plenert

Press release of the German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanfverband, DHV)  from 01.11.2015

The German Hemp Association welcomes the announcement by the federal government in Germany to set up a cannabis agency. This paves the way for the first cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Germany, helping not only the patients, but allowing  also new economic prospects for Germany.

The establishment of a cannabis agency is an old demand of the DHV. Only this way can Germany's dependence on imports be terminated and supply for the patients be guaranteed.

"An easier access to cannabis as a medicine and the covering of the costs by the health insurance companies were long overdue. The fact, that the federal government has consistently  thought this issue through and is willing to permit production in Germany, pleased and surprised us. Finally, the German economy is not decoupled from the international development and can develop their own cannabis industry. We are increasingly being contacted by entrepreneurs, interested in the production of medical cannabis. We expect  a massive rising demand for Cannabis as Medicine,"said spokesman Georg Wurth from the DHV.

But the DHV continues to demand that patients themselves should be allowed to grow cannabis, if they  so wish. This relieves the health insurance companies and enables each patient to use the appropriate cannabis-strain for them. In addition, as many patients as possible should  benefit from the new rules, not only pain-patients. The range medicinal use of cannabis is great, as the current dispensations for various diseases show.



Do you have some news on the new proposal from last week about allowing medical marijuana in Germany ?

Yes. We will try to publish some information in english, at the moment we only have them in german:

There is a great news from Germany! The ministry of health just released a very progressive draft to regulate medical marihuana like other prescribable narcotics, this means every doctor can prescribe it and patients can buy it in every pharmacy. The proposal includes a provisional arrangement to make it reimbursable and covered by health insurance.


-> Germany: The government presents a draft for a law, which would make cannabis flowers available on prescription by every doctor and force health insurances to reimburse cannabis-based medicines in certain cases


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