Cannabis legalizer wins one million Euro in german TV-Show

Press release of the German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanf Verband, DHV)

With the victory of Georg Wurth at the TV-Show “Millionärswahl” (millionaire election) produced by the channels Pro7/Sat.1 last Saturday, the German Hemp Association celebrates a big success. The DHV will use the winnings to drive forward the debate about rational ways to deal with cannabis in Germany.

Statement from Georg Wurth, winner of the TV-Show and executive director of the DHV:

“We need a discussion on cannabis and that is what I want to use the million for. Politicians must finally put up with this topic. In Colorado cannabis is now sold as a perfectly legal product. Washington State and Uruguay, as the first nation, are in the process to implement a legal cannabis market following the existing decisions. This shows another policy on cannabis is possible. It is not about a trivialization of cannabis, but about an alternative to cannabis prohibition. The prohibition has failed, it’s dangerous and expensive. We want to transform the existing black market into a well regulated market with youth and consumer protection.

We will use the winnings to promote this idea. We will create and publish ads and TV spots to place this issue in public and initiate a dialogue about whether or not it makes sense to chase people, just because they have opted for cannabis instead of alcohol. We also want to support sick people in their struggle for their right to use cannabis as medicine. We will give millions of people who consume cannabis in Germany a voice, that even Chancellor Merkel can not ignore any longer!

We are happy to be part of a world wide network to end the global prohibition on cannabis.

The German Hemp Association is the nation’s leading advocacy organization for cannabis politics. This includes the recreational usage as well as medical cannabis and hemp as natural resource.


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