Legalising medical cannabis – a German perspective

DHV-Geschäftsführer Georg Wurth gab dem englischsprachigen Magazin Health Europa ein ausführliches Interview zu Cannabis als Medizin in Deutschland.

Speaking to Health Europa, lobbyist, activist and managing director of the German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanfverband) Georg Wurth considers how far the medical cannabis law is fit for purpose, the road ahead to full legalisation, and the importance of research.

How far has the new law been sufficient to ensure that the patients who might benefit from medical cannabis have access to it?

The new law has had a big impact. Prior to its introduction, approximately 1,000 people had special approval from a governmental agency to buy medical cannabis at a pharmacy; we now estimate that figure at 20-30,000.

Nonetheless, a lot of patients are experiencing problems. Namely, they are having difficulties finding a doctor who will prescribe cannabis for their condition. Many doctors still think of cannabis as a harmful drug and its users as drug addicts. Doctors must also jump over several bureaucratic hurdles to prescribe cannabis, especially the first time, and there is a lot they are unsure of. There are almost 20 different strains in the pharmacies, all with different THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) levels, and many doctors have no idea which one to prescribe.

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