Legalising cannabis: Germany first, Europe next?

EUobserver sprach mit Georg Wurth über den Stand der Legalisierungsdebatte in Deutschland. Lesenswertes Interview! Wer dem Französischen eher zugeneigt ist, kann das Interview auch hier lesen.

Especially this week, since you ask me now, it is complicated. Because there is much speculation in the media, and among stakeholders, that the government is talking about ‘new approaches’.

They’re [the government] realising that there might be obstacles against it — like the European Union. And also our second chamber of parliament, the Bundesrat [upper house], and also the German regions [Lander] are coming together, a bit like in the USA (where some states are for and some are against).

And so it still might not happen, because the Christian Democrats (CDU) have a majority in the second chamber — and they can stop the show there.

So now everybody is speculating that legalisation might be done in two steps — first, decriminalisation of the consumers (including also home growers, and cannabis social clubs). That would all be possible without EU interference, as we see in Malta, the first European country that really did decriminalisation, including the clubs.