Europe Is on the Cusp of Legalizing Adult-Use Cannabis

Das amerikanische MG Magazine berichtet über die Legalisierungsbewegungen in Europa und stellt auch kurz den DHV vor, da der Autor Besuch von unserem Kollegen Flo bekam.

The expression “timing is everything” could not have been truer for me recently. Fellow advocate and international friend Florian Rister paid me a visit during the week of Thanksgiving. During his stop in southern California, we popped into the studio so he could guest on my cannabis talk show. We also took a run up the coast to Carpinteria to visit a few farms. Just four days prior to his arrival, some amazing news broke: Germany announced its intent to legalize adult-use cannabis. This was huge! And it was especially rewarding for Florian, who has spent ten years working for the German Cannabis Association (Deutscher Hanfverband, or DHV), the largest cannabis advocacy group in Deutschland. Much like NORML in the U.S., the organization’s primary goal is full legalization and destigmatization of the plant. But unlike NORML, DHV’s push has occurred over the past few decades as opposed to fifty years.