Deutsche Welle: Cannabis cafes could set up shop in Berlin

Englischsprachiger Artikel über den Vorschlag eines Coffeeshops in Berlin-Kreuzberg

“This marks a significant step for those seeking drug policy reformation. “It’s about getting the dealers out of business and creating a structure, in which one can buy cannabis without additives, so it’s less dangerous,”Georg Wurth of Berlin’s Weed Organization, “Hanf Verband,“ told DW. “We started a campaign of motivating other cities to do the same, open coffee shops or cannabis social clubs, like in Spain, in order to solve all the problems we are facing due to prohibition.”” …

“One of Germany’s influencing factors will be the country’s approaching state and federal elections, said Georg Wurth.

“With a conservative government, there might still be problems, and it will take some more years until it happens,” Wurth said. “But I’m enthusiastic at the moment, and I think we will get it done. It’s just a question of time.”