Cannabis Activists Force Debate, Crash Bundestag Server

Die englischsprachige Plattform über unsere erfolgreiche Bundestagspetition und die Serverprobleme während der Onlinezeichnungsphase.

Last week, a delegation of the DHV submitted 46,507 signatures on paper lists to the Chairwoman of the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag, Kersten Steinke, to add to the 31,816 online-signatures submitted prior to Nov. 21, for a total of 78,323 signatures. It is still unclear whether the number of signatures breached the 80,000 mark by the subscription deadline of Nov. 24, as the signatures are still under review by the Petitions Committee.

The German Hemp Association had convinced its numerous chapters and many private individuals nationwide to collect signatures for legalization in their spare time in person and on their online networks. Since September, the Hemp Association’s office in Berlin has received dozens of envelopes every day containing signatures in support of legalization. There were so many last-minute signatures that the Bundestag’s server collapsed shortly before the end of the subscription period. Despite these problems, the cannabis petition, with just under 80,000 supporters and counting, is considered the most successful petition of 2017.

“Not only is it the most successful petition for the legalization of cannabis in the Bundestag, it definitely is also one of the top 15 petitions that will have big influence on political debate in the coming years,” DHVs Deputy CEO Florian Rister said of the petition.