420 day: Berlin pro-cannabis rally demands immediate legalization

Deutsche Welle berichtet anlässlich der 420 Demo über die Erwartungslage der Hanfszene hinsichtlich der Legalisierung und erwähnt auch die Haucap-Studie sowie den Ticker vom Netzwerk für Legalisierung.

Two pro-legalization organizations, the German Hemp Association (DHV) and the Network for Legalization, have set up an online stat-ticker — based on criminal statistics and a DHV study on the potential tax revenue of legalized cannabis — that counts the estimated number of “consumption-related” criminal prosecutions and the estimated lost taxes with every second the government fails to  introduce legal cannabis sales. On April 20, 132 days into the new German government, the ticker stood at over 68,000 prosecutions and over €1.7 billion ($1.8 billion).