Who we are & What we want

Who we are & What we want

Who we are...

The DHV is currently a small team with one freelancer and one trainee under the management of DHV-CEO Georg Wurth.

Georg Wurth Georg Wurth

Georg Wurth is a qualified bachelor of finances and former financial consultant with a lot of political experience. After exam he studied financal and tax law and finished his study with a bachelor degree. At the same time he started politcal engagement at Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Germanys green party). Since 1996 he is heavily engaged in drug policy. Since 1997 he was leader of the green party in the city consil of Remscheid. In this position he was member of many groups, for example some supervisory boards and the council of elders of the city. After a self-denunciation for Cannabis possess he started the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Drogen (state working community for drugs) in Nordrhein- Westphalen and engeged in the drug forum of the Grüne Jugend (green youth). Until his 11-month world wide travel he also was the financial director of the german managing committee of the Grünen Jugend. After he came back in july 2001, he became the manager of the Bundesnetzwerkes Drogenpolitik (german network for drug policy) of the green party.

We work with much engagement, because we know it is time for a better drug policy.

The GERMAN HEMP ASSOCIATION was founded by the Agency Sowjet (Hanf Journal). The association was a free department in this company for two years. In October 2004 the Agency Sowjet decided to separate itself from the DHV, because it is now able to act and survive on its own. New owner is the former manager Georg Wurth. The DHV doesn't work for personal enrichment, but for a positive development of the drug policy. Germany's political system is not mainly based on direct democracy but on the influence of different public relation associations. The DHV is the logical consequence of this discovery.
The GERMAN HEMP ASSOCIATION isn't a classical association, but a company which does public relations for a better cannabis policy in the name of its members and sponsors, without having the classical associative problems. We represent many companies of the German hemp industry and many private sponsors. This kind of professional hemp public relations is unique in Germany.

To make the DHV as powerful as other hemp associations in Europe, we need your support!

...and what we want

One of the major goals of the GERMAN HEMP ASSOCIATION is the legalization of hemp as a pleasure product under consumer friendly conditions.
This goal can't be achieved in one blow! That is why we fight the daily discriminations against hemp consumers for example concerning criminal or driving licence law, at there work place, with cannabis as medicine or private growing of hemp for there own use.
Companies which offer legal products in the hemp business must not be prevented from working.

A second field of our work is hemp as a natural resource. This industry now exists in Germany, but is heavily slowed down by the bureaucracy. We want to change this.
Our work includes public and media relations, production of concepts and networking with other associations. A main aspect is the direct contact to politicians and authorities.

Our members also benefit from special services like information about the talk of the day, discounts, advice etc.

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