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How Germany’s next government is planning to legalise cannabis


The Local berichtet über die Pläne zur Legalisierung und erwähnt den DHV und die Haucap- Studie.

It’s no secret that legalising cannabis could be a smart financial decision for cash-strapped governments. According to recent estimates by Justus Haucap for the German Hemp Association, the move could bring in as much as €4.7 billion to the treasury each year.

‘Controlled distribution’: How Germany will legalise recreational cannabis


Die englischsprachige Local berichtet über die geplante Cannabislegalisierung sowie die deutsche Debatte zum Thema. 

The prohibition of cannabis costs the taxpayer billions every year in “senseless prosecutions”, according to Georg Wurth, director of the German Cannabis Association.

Wurth also asserted that the ban “promotes organised crime by giving it exclusive access to a market worth billions.”

He argued that legalisation would “have multiple positive effects for users, but also for society as a whole.” [...]

Two years since legalization, patients in Germany still face hurdles accessing medical marijuana


Die The Local berichtet über die Problematik der Cannabis Patienten in Deutschland

Until liberalisation, medical cannabis was a niche in Germany, with only around 1,000 patients using it through a special permit. Since then, demand has risen rapidly, according to figures from the pharmacists' association ABDA and the German Cannabis Association (DHV).

Five things to know about weed in Germany


Das englischsprachige Newsportal The Local berichtet über die Situation rund um Cannabis in Deutschland und erwähnt dabei auch die Umfrage des DHV von 2014:

A poll by infratest dimap in 2014 on behalf of the German Hemp Association (DHV) showed that only 30 percent of people believed cannabis should be made completely legal, although 80 percent were in favour of legalizing cannabis as a medicine.

Cannabis lovers greet Green legalization plan


Auch im Ausland wurde der aktuelle Gesetzentwurf der Grünen beobachtet. Das englischsprachige Online-Magazin The Local hat dazu unseren Geschäftsführer Georg Wurth interviewt:

Pro-legalization campaigners welcomed the Green party's move, although they said that it was unlikely to succeed.

“Politicians are definitely not ready for it, both CDU [Christian Democratic Union] and SPD [Social Democratic Party] will vote against it,” Georg Wurth of the German Hemp Federation (DHV) told The Local.