Become corporate sponsor

Here you register your business as a corporate sponsor of the German Cannabis Association – Deutscher Hanfverband (DHV).

If you would like to fill out this form in german, click here. If you want to support the DHV as a private individual, please click here for the german registration form.

Please consider that the DHV is not a charitable organisation in the sense of german law. As a commercial enterprise by Georg Wurth the DHV operates exclusively in the interests of its members and sponsors. Payments to the DHV cannot be deducted from the taxes as a donation but  as business expenses for companies affiliated with the cannabis industry. The minimum contribution for corporate sponsors amounts to 150,- € per year before taxes (+19% VAT).

In this document you will find the DHV corporate sponsoring concept. It explains how you can support legalization and at the same time advertise your company and how the services provided by the DHV differ in the individual categories of sponsorship.

All contributions plus 19% VAT

€ per Year
(mandatory for non-German EU-companies)

Note: Form fields with * have to be filled in!

Please double check all information you provided before sending in the registration form. Afterwards click „Submit“. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please check your Spam folder in case you didn‘t receive it. The confirmation link has to be clicked within 24 hours in order to complete your registration. After sifting your data a DHV employee will contact you.